The Song Space is a brand new extra curricular vocal academy specialising in Pop, Rock and Musical Theatre founded by vocal coach Jess Kershaw. Tuition is available for children and young adults aged between 5 and 18 years and is designed to encourage versatility and creativity within the voice. Spaces are currently available for private one to one lessons, with future plans to include choirs and performance workshops!


A note from Jess,

The Song Space is a safe and encouraging environment for children and young adults to express themselves freely and to boost their music skills and knowledge about the voice. Most importantly I want my students to build their confidence, make new friends and feel part of a community. In my experience a lot of new students tell me that they “cant sing” or that they have “no confidence” but in all cases there is always a voice to work with and the lack of confidence only comes from the lack of knowledge about how the voice actually works. The voice is like a blank canvas. People are capable of singing almost anything, the key is knowing how.

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One to one tuition:

The private singing lessons are forty minutes long and initially focused around building and improving the technique and performance skills of the vocalist. There will also be an option to learn songwriting or to have a combination of both. Jess studied Estill Voice Training throughout her degree at Leeds College of Music and now uses it in her teaching and believes it to be very effective. The primary aim of the training is to not only improve the quality and technique of the voice, but also allow the students to specifically and independently know how to use and push their voice to its most effective but in a safe and healthy way. 

‘Everyone has a beautiful voice. You just have to know how to use it’ – Jo Estill